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On The Issues

  Party Politics  


As your District Leader, Rebecca has worked to ensure that the New York County Democratic Party remains transparent, accountable, and responsive to our community’s needs. She will continue to advocate for building a diverse and inclusive county leadership structure that stays true to our Party’s core progressive values. The position of District Leader is especially important in Part A of the 76th Assembly District because Roosevelt Island is controlled by the New York State government through the Roosevelt Island Operating Company (RIOC).

As District Leader, Rebecca will continue to work tirelessly to support the institutions that are the backbone of our neighborhood. Our quality of life is unquestionably linked to the continued upkeep of and investment in our parks and open community spaces, as well as our access to unparalleled public education and library facilities.


Even as a young girl, Rebecca understood how vital libraries were to our community, starting a successful letter campaign to preserve the 67th Street, Webster, and Yorkville libraries and their public programming. She is both a frequent visitor and an active member at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of the City of New York, believing in the tremendous value that such world-class institutions add to our neighborhood.

  Cultural Institutions and Public Spaces  

  The Environment  


Rebecca has pledged to protect our environment and will continue to fight to improve our air quality, ensure that our community’s sanitation needs are met, and that our vital waterfront is maintained and able to thrive even as we face catastrophic climate change. Through her leadership as a member of the New York League of Conservation Voters Board, Rebecca has helped ensure that our elected officials prioritize clean air, clean water, and a livable city for all New Yorkers.



Rebecca unequivocally supports the LGBTQ+ community. She believes in decriminalizing sex work, ensuring that the local police precinct stops illegally enforcing Walking While Trans, and she believes that gender is a social construct. Rebecca also believes that the LGBTQ+ community is not fully supported unless represented by elected officials who understand the importance of universal healthcare as a human right.

  Affordable Housing  

Rebecca understands the significant contribution that middle-class families and our 36,000 neighbors in affordable housing make to the dynamic culture of our community.  As your District Leader, she has supported efforts to develop more inclusionary housing throughout the neighborhood and the city.



We on the far East Side know that bus service is on life support and critical to our community. We need to ensure that there are no further cuts to bus service and that SBS service is expanded to serve more of our neighborhood.  As District Leader, Rebecca has advocated for this, for the completion of the Second Avenue Subway up through East Harlem, and for increased opportunity for accessibly, including our neighbors with mobility needs, bike lanes, and open streets for pedestrians. 

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