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So excited to have been featured in this article in OurTown!

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

"The Mom connection - The next generation of UES political leaders in the Democratic Party is evident on the club level. In 76th Assembly District Parts A and B two born and bred UES’ers are candidates for District Leader. And they both have lots in common. The titles of the offices they seek may be symbols of another era - Male District Leader and Female District Leader - but the two candidates are very contemporary and have much in common. Alex Bores and Rebecca Weintraub have just hit their 30s. Alex is 30. Rebecca’s just turned 31. Both were born and raised on the Upper East Side and attended local public schools. Both work in the field of communication. Alex works for a technology startup that focuses, in part, on criminal justice reform, and Rebecca is a vice-president of public affairs at a news organization and much of her work focuses on nonprofits and corporate responsibility. Alex’s mother and Rebecca’s mother have both been active in the Yorkville community and were PTA members. Alex’s mom, Lori Bores, is currently a member of Community Board 8, and Rebecca’s mom, Sarah Steiner, is an election lawyer. Both moms were passionate about politics and nurtured civic and political engagement. When asked if their mothers encouraged involvement in politics, Rebecca’s reply was that both of her parents were always passionate about politics, but her mom “always took it to a different level. As a preteen, one of my mother’s friends borrowed me,” she said, “to teach me how to review petitions, just to prove to a campaign that ‘even an 11 year old could do it,’ and after that I was hooked.” Alex’s mom was a writer and producer for TV news, and while Alex didn’t get into any family lore, he sent a photo of his mom petitioning with him and his Democratic club members for a slate of candidates in 2019. Rebecca’s photo shows Rebecca, her mom, and Grandfather Henry Steiner voting together in the Nov 2018 election."

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